Moving Encinitas Forward!

My name is Tony Kranz and it has been a privilege to serve the City of Encinitas as Councilmember since 2012.

Government moves slowly, but things can change for the better. In my first four years on the City Council, I’ve brought attention and resources to protecting and improving our Encinitas quality of life, focusing on repairing roads, the rail corridor, public safety, and the arts.

I’ve put things in motion, and with your support, I’ll keep working for the next four years to bring forward:

  • a comprehensive plan for a quiet zone with no train horns and two new pedestrian crossings;
  • construction of the Leucadia Streetscape;
  • renovations and launch of the Pacific View arts, culture and ecology center;
  • a new Marine Safety Center at Moonlight Beach;
  • continued improvement in road maintenance; and
  • increased transparency and accountability at City Hall.

With deep community roots, I’ve worked to solve problems with vision and results. As a community volunteer and businessman, I understand how to get results: by listening to neighborhood concerns, then turning your priorities into action.

I’m not afraid to vote “no” but I also bring creative, practical solutions and work with colleagues and the community to get things done locally and regionally. I do my homework. I show up. I work hard for all the communities of Encinitas.

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